We cover all persons of all ages and all physiological conditions; from children to the elderly, from pregnancy to high performance, from chronic disease to health population and clinical rehabilitation to those who just want the 'edge'.


For those requiring exercise physiology services, you will usually be referred by a GP or other allied health profession (this is a requirement for the Dept. of Veteran Affairs, Medicare rebates and WorkCover only). Your first apt will be primarily an interview, allowing us to ascertain the nature and severity of your condition, your understanding of both the condition and the role that exercise will play in assisting you and performing  risk assessment questionnaires etc. If time allows (this is usually on second apt) we will perform physical assessments/tests to develop baselines and enable a program to be designed and implemented based on your test results and condition/s. 

Follow up apts will be required to check progression, your feedback and possible amendments to your program. You also have the option of having your program monitored by us remotely by requesting access to 'myexerciseprogram' (see link on Our Services page) where we can make adjustments, check your progress etc. without having to come to the clinic.


To utilise our services as Exercise Scientist, just book an apt and we will hold a initial consultation to ascertain the nature of your goals, determine which baseline tests would be relevent to you and compile an exercise program designed to provide you with the most up to date (and scientifically proven) means to achieve your goals.


New Patient?

Download & complete the attached forms prior to apt...
Testimonials (Exercise Scientist):

Male, 25 years - Australian High Performance Trap Shooting Team


“As an athlete competing at an elite level, finding that ‘extra’ improvement to gain a competitive advantage at such a high standard is difficult. David’s experience and expertise allowed him to identify exactly where I needed to improve physically to better my shooting. Since training under his supervision, I have consistently improved my personal best scores and can feel the benefits in both my strength and fitness. I have definitely found the extra advantage I was looking for in my ‘off field’ training and highly recommend using David as an Exercise Scientist.”

Female, 15 years – National 100m Sprinter


“I first met Dave when he trained my daughters’ touch football team in fitness 12 months ago. I was so impressed with his ability to connect with the kids on their own level and his ability to inspire them to push themselves further I asked him to train my daughter in a one on one environment.

My daughter is a National sprinter and over the last 12 months she has developed Female Athlete Triad (this causes the female athlete to lose strength in their muscles and this in turn affects their performance).

Dave was engaged by me to regain and develop the strength that had been diminished in her muscles. In the short space of 8 weeks he has taken her from an athlete that has struggled with her sprint training to an athlete that looks and feels stronger and is much more readily able to cope with her sprint training and her demanding track sessions.

Dave is highly knowledgeable when it comes to all areas concerning health and fitness he has been able to confidently answer the myriad of questions I have asked him. He has printed out material for me to read when I have asked him about a particular subject.

Dave is the most professional trainer I have ever met, he encourages you, pushes you and supports you in every way possible to achieve your goals. His equipment set up is first class and there is no shortage of any equipment for your needs. He has varied the training location so my daughter does not get bored, and in addition, he has worked around our busy schedule to accommodate her training needs with her other coach.

Dave is training her in both general strength and sports specific training thus developing her as a whole well rounded athlete.”

Testimonials (Exercise Physiologist):

Female, 25 years – University Student, hypothyroidism


 “Dave isn’t just an average personal trainer that has done a 6 week course to get his qualification, he is an expert with a degree Exercise & Sports Science and Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology.  Dave uses his fantastic knowledge of the human body in all aspects of our training sessions, constantly explaining why we do things on a scientific level. I really like that Dave sees health and wellbeing from a holistic point of view, aiming to prevent future ailments such as diabetes and mental health rather than a huge focus on immediate weight loss. David has assisted me immensely after being diagnosed with hypothryoidism and it is easy to see that fitness and improving client’s health is a passion for Dave. Our training sessions are also out of the ordinary , one day we might be trail running or mountain biking in the forest close by, another day we will be in his great studio gym completing a circuit. I am really enjoying my sessions with Dave - he is giving me the knowledge to be the healthiest, happiest person I have ever been.”

Female, 20 years - Navy entrant, Exercise Induced Asthma


"After struggling to reach the requirements of the Navy's fitness assessment I started training under Dave after recommendation from a friend. It was not long after that Dave sent me for a spirometry test; Dave's exetnsive knowledge and experience had allowed him to identify that the reason behind my struggles was due to exercise induced asthma. Now knowing what was holding me back, Dave was able to produce training sessions that helped me reach my goals (and much more) within a very short period of time. The training I experienced is like no other that I have previously experienced; even as a national swimmer. I have yet to have a session that is not highly interesting and fun, and each session I learnt something new as Dave is a big advocate for educating rather than just give me tasks; Dave provides the reason and objective behind each session/exercise...." 

Common Physical Assessment Examples...

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6 Minute Walk Test (6MWT)

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Timed up & Go (TUG) test

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30 sec Sit to Stand Test

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